Favorite Fitness Apps and Why

Happy Friday Friends!!

Today I thought that I would share with you some of my favorite fitness apps and why I enjoy them so much. These of course are in no particular order.



If you are not a runner and would like to be this is the best place to start! Honestly it helped me so much. It starts you out with running for only a minute and then walking for 90 seconds. You continue this pattern over I believe a 30 minute time period. Honestly it works great and if you’re already a runner then it does a good job at helping you mix up your running routine. I’ve also used it to help me increase my speed a little.


I have the Fitbit Blaze and I of course love the Fitbit app for obvious reasons! I don’t think that I need to get too into this one!


3.Beachbody On Demand

I’ve been doing a lot of Beachbody programs recently which means that having my Beachbody on Demand (BBOD) app on my phone comes in handy! I enjoy being able to do my workout somewhere else if I didn’t have a chance to do it at home!


4.MyFitness Pal

I will be honest I don’t use this one anymore BUT it’s not because I don’t like the app! I just am doing a program and have been tracking my food differently. I find it when I count calories that I actually do worse. Probably because I start to stress about every little thing that I’m eating and I do not like doing that!


Are you a fitness person?? Do you have any fitness apps that are your absolute favorite? If so what are they?? Let me know in the comments below!!


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Why I Hate Making New Year Resolutions


The definition alone should honestly be enough for you to understand why I hate making New Years Resolutions. “A firm decision to do or not to do something”. The “not to do something” is what gets me. Christmas comes and goes and the New Year comes along and so many people decide that they’re going to make these huge resolutions for themselves. They’re going to get healthy and start exercising, they want to lose weight or they want to read so many books for the year. Well guess what happens after about 3 or 4 months? They stop! They fail their resolutions and they give up on them. How awful is that?!? That my friends is why I don’t make resolutions. Let me tell you what I do instead.


Most people make a New Year’s resolution because that’s what they thing they are supposed to do. It’s the popular thing to do or they want social acceptance from others. If you pay attention on New Years Day or a day or two after then you will see that the majority of people will post their resolution on Facebook or another type of social media or they end up going to a gym that is busy with tons of people who have made similar resolutions.

Sure this might give them the initial push to jump start their resolutions but it’s difficult to stay motivated. That is why I propose that you make goals for yourself instead of resolutions. Goals are driven by your own ambition and your effort. They are about improving yourself and should be something that comes form your own motivation. If the motivation comes from yourself you’re more likely to stick with your goal because you’re not looking for anyone else’s approval. Sure you might be able to look to your peers for support and encouragement and maybe even some accountability but if you make the decision not to do it then it’s all up to you.

Now you’re probably thinking, how do I make goals that I can stick with? Well I have some tips for that!

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Stuck in a “Fitness Rut”? Here are some tips to fix it!

First of all let me just start off by saying that I know it is very difficult to get a good routine down when it comes to exercise. If you already have that then you’re one step ahead of the rest! We all have busy schedules with work and our personal lives it can be challenging to squeeze in time for the gym. So make sure that you’re at least trying to make it a priority!

Now I’m not saying that all of these are signs that you’re in a rut. So if you are reading through this and suddenly start to think “oh gosh I’m in a rut and I didn’t even know it!” pleases don’t think that!! Some of these things work for some people and you have to remember that all of our bodies are different. What works for one person might not necessarily work for the next. So keep that in mind. But after doing a little research these are some of the things that I found when it came to “fitness ruts” and how to fix them!

1. No Balance Between Cardio and Strength Training

Now, I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with having a strictly cardio day at the gym. There are some days that I walk into the gym and just don’t feel like lifting, and that’s okay! Hoping on the treadmill or the elliptical will help you to get your heart rate up, burn calories and get those endorphins pumping through your system and that’s a great thing! But if you find yourself just naturally gravitating toward those machines constantly you’re not doing your body any justice. The key here is balance between the two. A well rounded program is key to maximizing your results from your workout. How do you fix it?? Incorporate a circuit into your routine, especially if your goal is to lose weight. By adding in resistance training to your workout routine you will benefit greatly, the more lean tissue you have in your body the more fat your body will burn throughout the day. It doesn’t have to be anything crazy either. It can be as simple as breaking up your treadmill or elliptical routine into different time increments and in between those increments doing a set of different strength training exercises. Give it a try!

2.  You Find an Excuse to leave early…or not go at all…

I understand that there are going to be days where you can only afford a quick workout. Being an educator I get it, work and family obligations don’t always allow for the full workout that I would like to get, sometimes I don’t get to fit one in at all. Now that’s fine on occasion, but if you find yourself constantly cutting your workouts short or finding a reason not to go, something is definitely not right. How do you fix this one?? Start by taking a look at your eating (most articles I read while researching used the word diet but we all know how I feel about that word….or have I not discussed that yet??? Hmm…if not that will be in a later blog!). Your body requires the right fuel to run its best…it’s kind of like a car. If you own a diesel truck and you accidentally put in the medium grade gas….your truck isn’t going to run at its best. In order for your body to run its best you need the right combination of proteins, carbs, healthy fats, fruits and veggies otherwise your body is just going to feel exhausted. Also take a look at your sleeping patterns. If your body isn’t getting enough rest, its not going to operate at its best either.

3. You Find Yourself Constantly Watching The Clock

Are you constantly checking your watch or the clock during your workout? If so then your not allowing yourself to get into the flow of your workouts. When you’re in the flow of your workout, your in the zone and outside distractions no longer interfere with your goals. If you’re not able to find that state of concentration it’s possible that you could be bored with your routine and it’s time to shake things up a bit and try something new! How can you fix it?? Start by completely changing your routine! Use what you have been doing and the exercises that you know and love as a guide to make yourself a new routine. Maybe you’re used to a strict lifting routine mix it up a bit by trying a HIIT (high intensity interval training) routine instead. Use your same weight training moves, mix in some cardio moves and you have yourself a HIIT routine. Are you more into fitness classes? Try a new class! You never know you might just find something you love!

4. You’ve Hit a “Plateau”

I use the word “plateau” very loosely because here I’m not just talking about weight loss. For example if you’re a runner and your goal is to run a 10-minute mile instead of your usual pace and you can’t seem to break that 10:30 mark you might be in a rut. Something is holding you back from seeing the results that you so desperately want. In order to get past this start by making sure your goals are achievable and realistic. It’s great to have big goals and to reach for the stars, but sometimes we need to re-evaluate our situation and our goals. For example if you have a goal to lose 30 lbs in two weeks, I’m going to tell you to look at that goal again. Not only is that not safe but it’s just not realistic. Maybe try for 1b a week instead, that way you’re less likely to stress about it and you’re more likely to achieve your goal.

5. Your Body is Constantly Sore

No pain no gain right?? Well…yes and no. If that’s how you tackle your workouts and you find yourself tired, having trouble sleeping or getting sick then there is a possibility that you’re over training. The most important thing to remember when it comes to training is that fitness is a journey not a destination. The harder you push and the more you push the more your body will continue to break down and you could eventually injure yourself, meaning you could have to stop all together. In order to prevent that, make sure that you’re scheduling a rest day every once in a while. The basic rule of thumb is every 3 to 5 days. Now like I said earlier…not everyone operates the same as the next person. Fitness isn’t a one-size-fits-all kind of a thing so make sure that you’re listening to your body and if you feel like it’s telling you to take a rest then do it.


Have you ever been in a fitness rut?!? What did you do to get out of it? If there’s something that you did that I didn’t mention please feel free to leave it in the comments below! I would love to hear what you did that worked for you! I hope that if you are in a fitness rut that one of these tips will help you! I know I’ve been there and the tip that worked best for me was to change up my routine. You’ll be surprised what something as simple as that can do for you!

XoXo Shelby


5 ways to make time to exercise!

The number one excuse for not working out is “I don’t have time” but I can promise you that is not the main reason that they are not working out. There is something more to is, maybe there’s a lack of motivation, lack of enjoyment, negative associations with working out or even low self-esteem.

Americans tend to live life as if it’s a race against time, we’re always worried about getting here or getting there on time and fitting everything we want to do into an already busy schedule. We can find time for television shows, social media and social networking and even household tasks but that is because there are not the same barriers associated with these activities.

If you want to exercise you will make the time. But the truth is that some of us are just in denial about our health. Before I started exercising on the regular and eating healthier I was in denial about my health and my body. I didn’t think that I was over weight, I didn’t think that I needed to exercise. I felt fine in my body and I felt like I was a healthy person. One day something in my mind changed, something clicked and I wanted to exercise, I wanted to lose weight and I wanted to eat better…so I made the time for it.

Do you want to make time to exercise but you’re not sure how? Let me share with you five ways that you can make time for your workouts!


1. Make a Plan: Fail to plan….plan to fail. The best way to ensure that you exercise is to have a plan written out, schedule your workouts like they are important meetings and do your best not to cancel them. Imagine that your boss scheduled an important meeting with you and you decided that you didn’t want to go so you just canceled….I don’t think your boss would be happy about that. Treat your workouts like a meeting with your boss…don’t cancel! In order to make a plan there are some things that you need to consider. What time of the day is best for you to make sure that you can fit your workout in on the days that you want to. Does the morning work best for you or the evening? Once you’ve decided on that put it in writing and then put it in your phone as a reminder on your calendar, this will help you know that you shouldn’t schedule something during that time.

2. Hit “Play” at home: There are so many at home workouts and exercise DVD’s on the market that are not only cost-effective but they allow you to be flexible in your workouts. When you workout at home you can workout at any time, if you belong to a gym there’s more of a chance that you have to work around the schedule that they are open. Working out at home also gives you that option of privacy, some people aren’t comfortable working out around other people and there’s nothing wrong with that. Working out at home also gives you the ability to multi-task…need to do a load of laundry? No problem! Start the washing machine, push play and exercise while it washes the clothes. Washers done and you’re not done working out? Again no problem, push pause, move the clothes into the dryer and start your workout again!

3. Rise and Shine….Greet the Morning!: I know that we all live busy lives, we all have jobs that demand our attention for most of our day. Some of us have a family and sometimes that’s another job in itself. No time in the evening? Well there are early morning hours that you can still exercise! I know, I know, the morning is not always a good option for everyone. Personally I can’t stand waking up before I actually have to, but I also have the luxury of getting off work at 3:30 every day (for the most part), which gives me more than plenty of time to exercise in the evening. Even if you’re not a morning person it is possible to wake up early and exercise. I’ve done it before. Lay your workout clothes out the night before, if you’re going to workout at home then have the DVD or program or whatever picked out all ready so you don’t waste any time. Set your alarm and you’re all set.

4. HIIT it Hard: See what I did there? HIIT (hit) it hard? No…okay I tried to be funny! Anyways! High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) if done right can be done in a short amount of time and can be highly beneficial. If you’re focused on what you’re doing and you have a set routine, there’s no reason that you can’t get results in less than 20 minutes a week. Need some inspiration? Check out Pinterest, there are plenty of HIIT workouts on there. The best part is that they will most likely combine cardio and strength training and they will get your heartrate up and take it back own in a way that will increase your calorie burn not only during the workout but or up to an hour afterwards! I promise that you will feel like you spent an hour or more exercising and you really didn’t.

5. Wear a fitness tracker: I know that for those of us that have a desk job it’s difficult to move throughout the day. Sometimes we get so caught up in what we’re doing that before we know it, it’s lunch time and we haven’t even moved from our desk once. According to the American Heart Association, it is recommended that Americans take at least 10,000 steps a day, but studies have shown that by the age of 60, most people are down to about 4,500 steps a day. I never realized how little I moved throughout the day (other than when I was exercising) until I owned a Fitbit. I immediately became more aware and started to make sure that I moved a little bit more. As Fitbits have changed over the years and the technologies have advanced, some of them will now give you a reminder when you haven’t moved in a while. I have mine set up so that my active hours are from 8am to 7pm (11 hours) and the goal for each hour is 250 steps. About 10 minutes before the hour is over if I haven’t reached my goal of 250 steps it will vibrate to give me a reminder to move. If that happens I get up and walk a little. If I have kiddos in my room, I’ll get up and circle the classroom, if my room is empty I’ll get up and walk to the bathroom or walk to the office or the water fountain. Something to get my body moving. You’ll be surprised how motivated you get when you know you have a goal to reach!

Now that I’ve given you some tips and tricks on how to make sure that you can make time to workout I don’t want to hear any more excuses! Now I will say this, please listen to your body! If you are sick or injured there is no reason to push yourself to workout, you are only going to make the problem worse.

What was your favorite tip? Let me know in the comments below!

XoXo Shelby

Summer bodies are made in the Winter!

Winter is fast approaching which means colder weather, and comfort food! This time of year is never good for those of us who spend summer and the warmer months trying to get/stay fit! I know I have a difficult time staying active in the winter. I am a huge baby when it comes to the cold! I love Ohio and I love living here, but I could definitely do without the winters!! (Although I’m sure some places have it way worse, like I said I’m a baby when it comes to the cold!!) No one likes putting in all that hard work in the spring and summer only to have it ruined in the winter. Starting from square one is no fun!!

So in order to help you (and myself!) here are some tips on how to stay fit this winter!! Some of these I have tried before, some of them I haven’t and this winter I plan to give them a go! Hopefully you will see something that appeals to you as well and you will give it a try! I hope you find something that works for you!


1. Find an accountability partner: This is one of my favorite fitness tips in general! There is nothing better than having an accountability partner. I’ve talked about this before in a previous blog. Accountability partners are great because they keep you in check with your daily workouts and nutrition. Your accountability partner is someone who is always going to be in your corner, cheering you on to reach your goals. Another reason I love having an accountability partner (and a good one) is because he/she will call you out on your crap. Did you go off of your meal plan?? They’ll call you out on it. Did you skip a workout? They’ll call you out on it, and you can do the same for them! It might seem a little crazy but I promise it’s motivational! You just need to find the right accountability partner!

2. Try something new: Sometimes switching up your workouts will do great things for you! You might not realize it but you might be in a rut, it’s okay it happens sometimes. Switching up your normal workout can easily take your out of a funk that you don’t even realize you’re in. Not sure how to switch up your workout? Try a new fitness class that you’ve never tried before. Run a different trail if you’re a runner. You can even try switching up the time of day that you workout, if you normally workout in the evening try a morning workout or visa versa. You can even add a monthly challenge into the mix, you can find a lot of different ones on Pinterest!!

3. Focus on Nutrition: With the holidays coming up I know that this is the first thing that goes out the door for me! Nutrition is so difficult to focus on when there are so many delicious cookies and other comfort foods being made for the holidays. But let me give you a little hint. Focus on your nutrition on the other days of the month. Keep a food journal (I personally love using the MyFitnessPal app on my phone, it’s easy and I always have it with me!). Then use the holiday as your treat day. (Confused by the word treat day?? Take a look at my blog post where I talk all about the difference between a treat and a cheat day and why I prefer to call it a treat day!!).

4. No Gym?? Join one!: One of the many reasons people don’t workout in the winter is because they don’t own a gym membership. I know for me it is very difficult to workout at home, depending on my mood. Sometimes I can motivate myself at home to do a workout, sometimes I can’t. But if I go to the gym I know there will be classes or that I can motivate myself there. I know it’s a mind over matter situation but I haven’t quite conquered that yet! (I’m working on it!!)

5. Stay Hydrated: Staying hydrated in the winter is so difficult!! I know for me I would rather be drinking a cup of warm coffee or tea than drinking cold water. But staying hydrated even in the winter is very important. Make it a game with yourself. That’s what I do and let me tell you it works! I have a 48oz Bubba cup and I tell myself that I have to drink 1 full cup before lunch (for me that’s between 11:15 and 12:00 depending on the day), and then I fill it up and I have to drink the second one before I leave work (usually around 3:15). If I do that, I have then I know that I have drank 96oz of water by the time I have left work, leaving me with only 4oz left to drink to hit my 100oz goal mark for the day. Sometimes I will fill it up a 3rd time once I get home depending on how intense my workouts are for the day. (When you exercise you should be drinking extra water because you are losing a lot of water during your exercise!).

6. Be aware of your mental health and make sure that you take care of yourself: The winter months tend to be very difficult for a lot of people, the sun is out less, it’s cold and it can cause a lot of people to become more sad during these months. Season depression is a real thing that a lot of people experience. Make sure that during these winter months you are taking some time for you. Read a book, meditate, find something that makes you happy and do it for at least 15 or 20 minutes each day. Sometimes (even during the warmer months) we become so busy trying to please everyone else that we tend to forget that we need to do things for us too. Your workout can even be your “me time”, I know that my workout is my me time and more like therapy than anything else. Without it I would probably lose my mind sometimes!!


I hope that one of these tips (or even all of them) will help you to stay motivated this winter and holiday season!!!

What do you do to stay motivated in the cold months??? Did you see a tip above that you want to try this winter??? Let me know in the comments below!!!

XoXo Shelby

Why Women Should Lift Weights

Ladies! Have you ever felt intimidated by the thought of trying to lift weights at the gym?? Do you think that lifting weights is going to make you bulky? Do you think that it’s going to make you look like a man?? Well can I just tell you something….those are all myths! I can promise you that lifting weights (even the heavy ones!) will not make you bulky or make you look like a man. Some of you are probably reading that and thinking I’m crazy and that I’m lying to you, but I’m not. When I first started in the fitness world I’m not going to lie I used to believe it too. It took my years to pick up a set of weights. But now that I’ve been doing this for a while and I’ve seen what a little bit of lifting can do for the body, I want to share my thoughts with all of you.

***DISCLAIMER*** : Now please remember that not every workout will work for everyone. Our bodies are all built differently and certain things that work for me might not work as well for all of you.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s talk about 3 of the most common myths about weight lifting that women need to stop believing!


1. Lifting weights will make you bulk like the incredible Hulk

hulk      This one the myth that I believed the most before I really got into fitness. I used to believe that lifting weights (especially heavy weights) would cause me to bulk up and I would look like most men do when they lift heavy. But the more I got into fitness and the more I learned and read on it I realized that wasn’t the case. Ladies, unless you plan on taking anabolic steroids, have a crazy genetic makeup and dedicated hours (and I mean hours) to training a day then I can promise you that you will not bulk up. Studies show that women have 1/15 to 1/20 the amount of testosterone compared to men, and in case you didn’t know testosterone is the primary hormone responsible for muscle growth. Therefore unless you have a crazy genetic makeup like I said, it is genetically impossible for you to bulk like hulk! Now if that is your goal (for example if you’re a female bodybuilder) then you will definitely need anabolic steroids to assist you, and even then I can assure you that it will be a difficult road. Female body builders often spend years trying to achieve a very specific look. So please, rest easy and know that if you lift heavy you will not bulk up.

2. Using lighter weights is safer and will give you long, lean muscles

Dumbell Weights

I love to see more women in the weight room I really do, but what I don’t like is when I see women lifting 1 or 2 pound weights and that’s it. I understand starting small and working your way up to a heavier weight, not everyone can start out lifting 10lb weights and I get that. But what some women don’t realize is that those small weights are not going to do anything for your muscles. If you’ve never lifted before then sure they might make you a little stronger at first, but after time as your muscles begin to change and get stronger those weights are no longer going to do anything for your body. It will of course continue to increase muscular endurance, but your muscle mass will not change and you won’t be able to build a more athletic physique (which I’m sure is what most of us women want). If you want to increase lean muscle mass then you’re going to want to stick to lower reps (6-12 rep range) and use a heavier weight, I promise you’ll see better results that way. As for the whole “long and lean” muscle concept, it’s just not realistic. You can’t change the length of your muscles, just like you can’t make yourself taller by stretching your body. Your muscles have a fixed origin and insertion point and those won’t change no matter what you do. No amount of stretching or training can change your body in that way. What makes your body look long and lean is the change in your muscle definition which you get from lifting.


3. Cardio is the best form of exercise for fat loss


Though cardio is important, it’s not going to help you burn the amount of fat that you want to burn if you don’t have muscle mass! Like I said before, strength training will add definition to your body, but it will also add other benefits as well!

Adding weight training to your exercise routine will increase your basal metabolic rate (BMR), which will in turn help you to burn more calories throughout the day, even if you’re not working out (hello bonus!!!). The result?? Lean muscle mass and less body fat….unfortunately this is not something that you can get from cardio alone.

Weight lifting will also help to increase your bone density. Ladies this is very important for us!! After the age of 40 our bone density begins to decrease, why not be proactive about it and start weight lifting now so that we don’t have to worry so much about that once we hit 40?!?

Adding strength training will give you better balance, coordination, agility, power and mobility. Strengthening these things will give you a better ability to do everyday activities without getting hurt. Who doesn’t love that? I mean I know me, I’m extremely clumsy on my own, I don’t need anything adding to it!!

I could go on and on! As you can see strength training does more than help you look and feel confident! The benefits as you continue to get older just continue to multiply! As we age our bodies are at more of a risk for diseases and other things, why not be proactive and do something as simple as lifting weights to help combat that??

In case I haven’t convinced you enough….continue reading for more reasons why women should lift weights!

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Find Your Soul Workout!

You’re probably reading that title and thinking “ummm what in the world is a soul workout?!?” Well about 5 years ago I didn’t know either, until I met my friend Danielle. She started teaching at the gym I went to and she was teaching PiYo and Turbo Kick and she kept saying that Turbo Kick was her soul workout. Finally I asked her what she meant by that, and she said it meant that it was something she was passionate about, a workout that she actually looked forward to doing, and it all made sense! I could see the passion in her eyes when she taught it, she just light up when she teaching Turbo Kick.

For a while I thought I had also found my soul workout in Turbo Kick. I was loving it while I was doing it, I was happy, and I didn’t feel like I was working out. But then this past year, Zumba (another one of my favorite workouts!) came out with a new program called Strong by Zumba. When it first launched I honestly didn’t know how much I would love this workout program! But the more I tried it (and then I finally got licensed to teach it), I realized how much I loved it!

Before I go on let me tell you a little bit about Strong by Zumba. I know you probably see the word Zumba and automatically think dancing…well sorry to disappoint but there is no dancing in Strong by Zumba!

Strong by Zumba is a one hour HIIT (high intensity interval training) class. But what makes this class so special is that you don’t have to count the number of reps you’re doing, all of the moves are synced to the beat of the music! This amazing workout combines body weight, muscle conditioning, cardio and plyometric training moves that are perfectly (and I do mean perfectly!) synced to original music that was created specifically for the workout! How awesome is that?!? And let me tell you there is no chance that you won’t be motivated in this class because I can promise you that the music will drive you! There have been times when I was tired after a long day at work, or I wasn’t feeling that great and once that music started my body just went and it felt amazing!

This class does it all, you will burn calories, tone your arms, legs, abs and glutes!  This HIIT style workout helps to stimulate a higher caloric burn not only for your entire workout but also post-workout. Who doesn’t want that?!?

I’ve had so many of my students stop me and tell me that they can see the passion in my eyes when I’m teaching. That my energy is so intense that it drives them to push themselves harder too! Does that mean we don’t still have fun?!? No! Of course we do! We laugh, we banter back and forth, and they grumble at me when it’s time for burpees but guess what, when it’s all said and done my students feel accomplished! When my students feel accomplished, then I feel accomplished!

I honestly think that the reason I love this program so much is because of the music and the way that it pushes you to go harder and do things that you would might not think you were capable of doing! Sometimes during a workout you get to that point of exhaustion and you think that you just can’t do one more burpee or one more lunge, but then you start to hear the music and before you know it you’re doing another burpee or another lunge and before you know it the workout is over!

Do you enjoy working out?? Have you found your soul workout?!? Let me know in the comments below! I would love to hear from you!!

XoXo Shelby

My Favorite Workout Playlist

Have you ever been working out and all of a sudden your favorite song comes on in your earbuds and you feel this sudden burst of energy to run faster, jump higher or push through one more rep? Well there have been a multitude of studies done that show there is a correlation between that burst of energy and that song.

According to Costas Karageorghis, Ph.D., from London’s Brunel University School of Sport and Education, “music is like a legal drug for athletes, it can reduce the perception of effort significantly and increase endurance by as much as 15%” (ACE-Fitness).

If you’re anything like me though, I get bored easily with my playlists and they are constantly changing. However, my currently playlist has been one of my favorites (with a few additions as new songs come out), for a very long time and I always find myself reverting back to it. I’ve occasionally used it in my fitness classes as well and my students seem to really enjoy it!

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TREAT yourself…don’t CHEAT yourself…

Hello friends!


I know it’s been a minute since I’ve posted anything and for that I apologize. Sometimes life just gets crazy and well…life happens but that’s okay! I’m back now and I’m doing my best to stock up on some posts so that this doesn’t happen again! But that’s not what this post is about so let’s get back on track!


Raise your hand if you have ever heard of the term “cheat meal“….I’m sure every single one of you reading this raised your hand (or maybe you thought to yourself well yeah of course I’ve heard of a cheat meal). I know the term “cheat meal” is a very popular term and I used to use it all the time….until I met my good friend Danielle (I swear I’ve probably dedicated over half of my fitness related posts to this girl because she’s just got some amazing ideas!). Danielle taught me to stop using the term “cheat meal” and to start using the term “treat meal“. You’re probably thinking to yourself “what’s the difference and why does it matter? Either way I’m eating what I want!” Well let me tell you that I thought the same thing, but now that I’ve been doing this whole fitness thing for a while and actually taking it seriously….I see the difference and I recognize the difference and I’m here to share with you those differences!

Let me just start by asking you this question, when you are having a “cheat meal” are you not making a conscience choice to put that food into your body? The correct answer is yes, yes you are! If you’re making the conscience choice to only do that once a month or once every so many weeks then guess what you’re not cheating on yourself, you’re not cheating on your fitness and nutrition plan, you are deciding that you have been working hard and that your body deserves a TREAT and guess what that is okay!!

After I finished my 6 week shift shop program I am not going to lie I had a treat meal. Did I turn it into a treat week? Nope. Did I have a treat day? Maybe….okay I’m not going to lie to you I’m going to keep it 100% with you…I did have one treat day! But I felt that I had earned that treat day and I had been following the meal plan and the workouts strongly for 6 weeks, I had great results, I felt that my body was ready for a treat. There’s nothing wrong with that but I made sure that I went back to my meal plan after my treat day.

Now you’re probably thinking to yourself “why in the world is someone who is so into health and fitness encouraging me to have a treat meal?” Well according to some studies there is a psychological component to having a treat meal. Without rewards, it can become difficult to keep up with a healthy lifestyle day in and day out. Occasionally allowing yourself that treat meal can help you to get through those tough times in your health and fitness lifestyle. Like I said earlier, it’s better if you allow yourself a treat meal not a treat day. There’s a difference! Allowing yourself a whole treat day can take a toll on your body and all of the hard work you have put in for the week. Just be mindful of what you’re deciding to treat yourself with, how often you are deciding to treat yourself and how much of that treat you are indulging in. You will be a lot happier when it comes to sticking to that healthy eating lifestyle you have committed to!

What’s your favorite treat meal?? Leave it in the comments below!

Xoxo Shelby


The scale is NOT your friend…

Friends….we all know that losing weight and being healthy is hard. But what if I told you that you could make it so much easier by doing just one simple thing…..step off the scale. Yes that’s right I said step off the scale.

Let me ask you all a question….how often do you weigh yourself? Once a month? Once a week? Every day? Be honest with yourself. I’m not going to lie when I first started exercising and being healthy I used to weigh myself way too much, so much that at one point I can honestly say that I became obsessed with the number on the scale, and that my friends is not a good thing. Want to know how often I weight myself now? I weigh myself before I begin a workout program and then after I finish that workout program. So maybe at most once or twice a month. You’re probably thinking to yourself “umm then how do you know if the workout program is workout?? How do you know if you’re seeing results?” Well I will tell you a few reasons why I know without stepping one foot on the scale, but first let’s talk about why the scale is not your friend.

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