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Friends! We all know that we deserve a good laugh every once in a while right?!? Well I compiled some of my favorite teacher memes and thought that I would share them with all of you! Happy Monday!




I mean this doesn’t exist but I think it should…anyone else??? Especially on a Monday morning!


you is teacher

I mean….true. Just a week or so ago I spent $40 alone just in the Dollar Spot at Target…the DOLLAR spot! That’s crazy! But the Dollar Spot is irresistible….am I right?



Winter BreakThis was also me last week after having Monday off for MLK Day and then having a snow day Tuesday and Wednesday and then working Thursday and then a Teacher Work Day on Friday….I mean…what day is it? What time is it? Where am I? hahah



I mean this really couldn’t be more accurate. I think they find it enjoyable to test us like this.


summer break

Well I mean it is nice to have summers off….but we really don’t get summers off. With professional development and worrying and planning for the following school year. If you have kids of your own…add that into the mix and you definitely don’t get a summer break!


Stay in your seat

Oh my best friend just got up to get a tissue…I suddenly also need a tissue! Susie needs a tissue, Jimmy needs a tissue….NO! It’s not a party at the tissue box or the trash can!


Sick Kids

Or the kid that said they puked before they got to school yet mom and dad insist that he/she is fine. NO! You are infecting me and my entire room and the rest of the school. Please stay home! I love you and I want you to learn but I do not want to nor can I afford to be ill!


Seating Chart

I mean really does this even need an explanation? No it doesn’t. We’ve all been there.


Mental Break down

Or throw a kid out the window….or accidentally cuss. Just breathe and count to 10…or 100. Whichever helps.


Line leader

This one is one of my favorites. Especially with the little ones because there’s always that one kid that just needs to be first or it’s the end of the world!


Giving Directions

My favorite line when this happens, “Please pay attention next time, and ask a friend/neighbor that was listening” they love when I say that! (Please note the sarcasm!)



This is how I feel when one student gets sick…one gets it, we’re all getting it. That’s when the airborne and the Lysol come out hard! No sickness for me!


Bleeding Dying

This is my favorite line. I mean seriously sometimes I feel like I have the whole class at my desk or at my hip for the smallest thing! Billy looked at me funny. Susie is playing with her crayon box. JUST SIT DOWN! Unless you or your neighbor is on fire, bleeding or dying please sit so I can teach! Sometimes I humor them and let them tell me whatever it is, but sometimes I just can’t!



Yeah no. Not happening. You only want to go because your friend did I’m sure.



Or for those of us who teach at a Catholic School….church. I hate when I can’t get a kids attention and I have to climb through rows of kids like a crazy person to get them to knock it off when they know better!


Well friends I hope that these gave you a laugh on this Monday! I hope you have an amazing week!

What is your favorite teacher meme?? Drop it in the comments below!


**Also please note I got these off of Pinterest and do not know who the original owners are but none of these are my photos and I not taking credit for them**

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55 strange things teachers have had to say to their students!

If you’re a teacher you know exactly what I’m talking about. You’re in the middle of a lesson and a student does something that makes you think “What the actual F is that kid doing” and then of course you have to remind him or her that their behavior isn’t exactly…..appropriate or something that they should be doing.

I’ve only been in the classroom for 3 years now so I don’t have that many of these stories. So, to help me out I reached out to some of my teacher friends on Facebook and I got 55 hilarious…and sometimes shocking things that they have had to say to their students! Here they are….


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16 years later…

Where were you on that September day that shook our nation??

It’s been 16 long years and I can definitely tell you that it feels like it was just yesterday. Now I know you’re probably thinking “wait what does this have to do with teaching?” It doesn’t to be honest but I was in school when this happened, fourth grade to be exact.

I can remember vividly coming in from recess or lunch and seeing my parents and several of my friends parents standing in the cross walk helping direct traffic and help us kids to get across the street. I remember seeing the sad looks on everyone’s faces but I also remember that no one would tell us kids what was wrong. I remember hearing “you’ll find out soon” several, several times. I remember being called into the classroom here we were greeting by our 4th grade teacher, the TV was out and we were about to be told the news. I remember writing about it in my journal and not being sure how I should feel, but I remember being sad and confused because why would anyone want to hurt innocent people?

I remember my parents taking me home early from school that day, and I remember watching the news high lights over and over again. Watching as the towers were hit and hearing about the plane that went down in Pennsylvania.

I may have only been 9 years old, but I remember that day so vividly as I know many other do too. It will be a day that will forever be etched into my brain. Every year when I see memorials or hear songs about this day, I can’t help but get emotional. Thinking of all the people that lost their lives that day. All of those innocent people on those planes. All of the people in the twin towers, and all of the amazing first responders and volunteers who lost their lives that day. My heart breaks for them and their families that were left behind with nothing but memories.

Do you remember where you were on September 11, 2001?? Leave it in the comments below.

Xo’s Shelby


Anyone who has ever been around kids has probably realized that they notice everything and they are also very honest with you!

I work with kids every single day so this is no surprise to me. However, sometimes I am still shocked by the things that my kiddos say to me. To be completely honest sometimes the younger the kid, the more interesting the things that they say are and I love all of it!

So about two weeks ago, I was at work, and it was lunch time. So we took the kiddos to lunch and I’m standing there eating my lunch, drinking my water and keeping an eye on the kids, just kind of minding my own business. Then the next thing I know one of our preschoolers is at my feet, and the conversation goes something like this…

Preschooler: Miss Shelby!
Me: Yeah?
Preschooler: Why do you have such big water??
***Side note, I had one of the large 50+ oz bottles of SmartWater with me that day***
Me: Well….I really like water, and it’s good for me and makes me feel good!
Preschooler: Oh…okay….well then I am gonna like more water too!

Conversation over…and she walks away with a huge smile on her face. This goes to show that kids are watching everything we are doing. We as adults need to lead by example. It was honestly the cutest thing. Her face was so serious when she asked me why I had so much water. Of course she’s at that age where she asks “why” to everything but it was still adorable!

Do you have a funny kid story to share?? Leave it in the comments below, I would love to read them!

Xo’s Shelby



Funny Kid Story


One of my favorite things about being a teacher is some of the things that I have heard my kiddos say…or in this case something one of them wrote on a homework assignment.

When I was in college and doing my student teaching, I was lucky enough to be back at my old High School working beside some of my favorite teachers. It was Spring Semester when I was doing my student teaching, which meant that part of my job was to help my Cooperating Teacher prep our kiddos for the OGT. Let me just start by saying this was no easy task. We had a limited amount of time to get in OGT prep, plus for me to teach my lessons and do everything that I needed to in order to graduate. I would be lying if I told you that there were no bumps in the road. I had an amazing CT to work with, and her motto was “there’s always another plan!” and let’s just say we had a lot of “other plans”! Between snow days and “cold” days and any other obstacle the universe wanted to throw at me, I was ready to cry a few times. But I managed to hold it together and I managed to make it out alive! But that’s besides the point….

My point is that during all of this craziness, we needed a fun (yet educational) activity for the kiddos to work on. My CT showed me a few different things that I could choose from and the activity that I decided to use was one on the Salem Witch Trials. It was a worksheet where they had to read through and answer the questions based on what they read. Seems easy right?? I thought so too, until I started grading them….

Working with high school kids (and knowing how they think…I mean I was only 4.5 years out of high school), you would think I would’ve been prepared for what I was about to read. But if we’re being honest here….I never laughed so hard in my life. In fact, I had to stop what I was doing, read it at least 3 times (you know to make sure that I wasn’t seeing things) and then I had to show it to my CT.

So as I’m grading, one of the questions read something like this….

“During the Salem Witch Trials, some of the girls began acting in strange ways and lashing out. Based on the reading can you name one thing that would could have caused this behavior?”

There was a specific answer that I was looking for…I cannot remember it off the top of my head, but I can tell you that what this one particular student said…was not the answer.

The students answer read something like this…..(I’m paraphrasing but I do have a picture that I will insert at the bottom of this post)… “I believe that what was causing the girls to have fits is that it could have been that time of the month. Sometimes when it’s that time of the month girls get moody and can have mood swings.”

IT WAS THAT TIME OF THE MONTH?!?!?!?!?! I mean don’t get me wrong I laughed for a good 10 minutes that that answer, but the actual answer was right in front of the kids. All they had to do was read the article!

Don’t get me wrong there were a few other kids that had…interesting answers for other questions from this assignment. However, none of them were as entertaining as this one!

Oh the joys of being a teacher!

To all my teacher friends…have you ever had something like this happen to you??
To all of my friends who are not teachers, do you ever remember leaving silly answers on a quiz or a test or an assignment because you didn’t know the answer?? If so leave them in the comments below. I would love to read them!!

Xo’s Shelby