What’s in my teacher bag?!?

All of my fellow teacher friends out there, if you’re anything like me (and I know most of you are!!) You probably have way too many things in your teacher bag that you probably could leave at home….or school…but why take that chance, right?!?

So I thought it would be fun if I shared with all of you a list of things that I carry back and forth with me between school and home! (Some necessary and some not!)



What’s in my bag?!!?



1. Laptop – now I would 100% call this a necessity. Do I always use it for work?? Probably not…I mean I’m on it right now working on this blog post. But I need it for whatever it is I might be doing. Are there nights where it sits in my bag turned off? Yupp! Sometimes it sits in there all weekend! Why? Because sometimes we just need a break from work and the world! Nothing wrong with that, right??

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2. My Planner – I’ve talked about this in another post (I believe it was in my Teacher Essentials blog post so check that out!), and I always, always have this with me. I can say that I do use this every day. Without it my life would be a hot mess, and yes I’m that person that has everything color coded because if I didn’t I wouldn’t know which was is up and which way is down! Some people might think I’m crazy others might totally get exactly what I’m saying, it all depends on how your mind works!


3. Notebook(s) – I carry a notebook around with me for a few different reasons (I actually have 2!). The first one is my blog notebook. It’s strictly for my ideas and any notes I might take while doing research for some of my blog posts. (Yes I do research for my blog….I’m not a genius, and I want to be giving my audience the right information!) The second notebook is for my Strong by Zumba class. I can’t tell you why I keep that in my bag. Do I need it right now? No. I’m not learning a new quadrant (yet) but you never know when I might decide to start to learn a new one, so why not have it with me just in case right??? Right.


so many books

4. A book – all of you teachers out there reading this are probably thinking, why are you carrying a book around with you, you know you don’t have time to read! And you would be right, but I am one of those people that has to have a book with them at all times. You never know when I might have even five minutes to myself to read, and I want to have my book with me and be ready for that!


5. Pencil Pouch – this one is a little obvious, I carry my pens and pencils and things in here. Now you’re probably thinking, but wait don’t you have those at your desk?!? Yes, but remember how I said that my planner was color coded?? Well my special pens that I use in my planner are what I keep inside my pencil pouch. Yes I understand that is extra but it helps me stay sane!


6. My STEM Binder – This school year I took the liberty of launching a STEM club for my school. For those of you that don’t know what STEM club is, it stands for Science Technology Engineering and Math. So I carry my binder with my in my bag because I like to have my list of kids with me, my plans, my calendar and everything I need for that with me at all times. Sometimes I come up with ideas and I need to have them in my binder at all times so that I don’t forget them or lose them. Again, it’s all about the organization, my life at home might not be this organized but my teacher life is very organized and that makes me happy! (Maybe one day I’ll get the rest of my life organized!!)



7. A folder – I like to carry a folder (or 2) in my bag for loose papers or things that might not necessarily go in my binder but I don’t want them to get bent up. If I had papers to grade that I took home with me then I would have a separate folder for those, but I don’t!


8. Keys if I don’t keep my work keys and badge in my school bag I will leave them at home (yes, I’ve done that before!). So I’ve learned my lesson, as soon as I’m ready to leave for the day, they go in my bag and the don’t leave my bag until it’s time to walk back through the door in the morning.


Could I do without some of these things in my bag?? Sure. But something in me needs all of these things with me! I know some of you probably feel the same way!

What are some things that you carry in your bag (or in your purse) that you might not actually need but you carry them anyways?!? Leave your answers in the comments below, I’d love to hear them!

XoXo Shelby


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