Teaching is easy…said no teacher ever…

I am going to try to keep this short because well to be completely honest I could talk about this forever.

When I was in college the amount of times that I heard that Education is a “lazy major” made me cringe! Sure from the outside looking in it looks easy, but have you ever tried keeping a room full of 20-30 little ones not only quiet long enough to hear instructions but interested in what you’re saying….or even worse teenagers! It’s not as easy as it sounds. And once you do have their attention have you ever thought about how difficult it is to get all of them to actually understand and retain the information that you’re teaching them?

Imagine this you have a classroom of 30 kids and you have to get those 30 kids to understand a certain topic. Amongst those 30 kids you will have a handful of visual learners, audio learners, hands-on learners, and a few students who can learn and grasp things in multiple formats. What do you do? You can’t teach the lesson in 5 different ways because that would take up way too much time and there are only about 6 or 7 hours in a school day. As a teacher I can tell you what I would do is to try and teach whatever lesson it is in a way that is going to reach the majority of my students. Why? Because then those students that need the extra help have multiple resources (myself and their classmates) that they can reach out to in order to get help fully understanding the lesson. I would also switch it up every once in a while, instead of lecturing all the time throw in some group work and some labs and other ways of allowing the students to learn than just one way.

Not only do we have to teach these kiddos every day, but it’s our job to make sure that their behavior is on point…and let me tell you that is not easy! The amount of things that I have had to remind students not to do….sometimes I think I could write a book! I’ve had to remind students not to lick certain things because they have germs on them, not to put pencils or other sharp objects near their eyes….the list could go on and on! I mean I could get specific but…..I might have to start collecting these things and make that a totally different blog post! I’m sure ya’ll would get a kick out of that!

Anyways…I think I got a little off track so let’s refocus!

Other than teaching being an “easy” profession…I think the number one thing that I hear “non-teachers” say to teachers is how we should love our jobs because we get “summers off”. Oh honey how I wish that were true!! We have personal development that we must keep up with in order to keep our licenses, we have to tear down our classrooms so that they can be cleaned and then we have to set them up again, we have to start doing lesson plans for the next school year….I could continue on with this list to be honest. A number of us also have a second job, which we often will pick up more hours at during the summer. So for all of my non-teacher friends out there…I’m sorry we don’t exactly get summers off.

Like I said, I’m going to keep this one short, so I’ll just stop there! Really this was nothing more than me venting a little bit about how some people tend to think that teaching is easy. Hopefully I didn’t offend anyone. To all of my teacher friends, did I forget anything?? Has anyone ever made a comment to you about our profession that made you roll your eyes?!? Leave it in the comments below!

Xoxo Shelby  


4 thoughts on “Teaching is easy…said no teacher ever…

  1. Never thought of things that way. I can see this now.
    I used to volunteer at my kids schools. Did learn though even books make mistakes found a math error. Answer was wrong.
    Now my question is do you think school should be year round like jobs are?
    Social work is another career that people think is a piece of cake & glamorous.


    1. I have my pros and cons with year long schools…yes I think it would be more beneficial in some circumstances because I see kids who go home over the summer and they forget everything because parents are so busy working their jobs that they jut don’t have the time to work with them over the summer. I totally understand that any I sympathize with parents who have to work long hours and can’t being with their kids like they want to. But on the other hand I feel that year long schools takes away from kids being kids and getting the summer to have fun and experience other things. Especially with the heat. Sometimes it just wouldn’t be beneficial to have them in the classroom because of it.


  2. Teaching, missionary work, social work, EMT, police, and firefighting are NOBLE professions to mention only a few. It is extremely important work but often underpaid, underappreciated and under too much government control, especially involving teaching. I would be interested to hear your thoughts on common core, assuming that it used in your state.


    1. First of all my apologies for just now seeing your comment!! Yes we do use common core here in Ohio and personally there are some good things about common core but mostly I could do without it!! Common Core to me is asking me as a teacher to teach something to a room full of students but not realizing that I have 30+ kids with 30+ different learning styles. Also some of the standards are repetitive or are absolutely impossible to even assess. It’s driving me nuts!! What are your thoughts on common core??


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